Membership FAQ

What is the Complete CRM Solution (CCRMS)?

CCRMS is a not-for-profit association, run for members, by members. CCRMS provides services and a supportive community to help members become better consultants and create more profitable businesses. It is managed by a Board of Directors. A Board of Advisors supports membership initiatives and facilitates independent groups of non-competing consultants.

What does my membership include?

A list of benefits is provided on the home page. As a member-run organization, this list will be expanded as membership grows and demand for additional services can be supported. Current member benefits include FREE access to: GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar, Quarterly Educational Webinars,  FB Workplace Community Group, and more!

Who is eligible to join?

Membership in CCRMS is non-exclusive, meaning that any CRM consultant is eligible to apply without restriction to business type, number of employees, geography, markets, product line, software publisher or areas of specialty.

If membership is “non-exclusive”, what happens if my competition joins?

Most consultants enjoy friendly competition in their markets. Self-forming, small groups of non-competing consultants (Inner Circles) are facilitated within the organization. These smaller groups provide confidential venues to discuss issues, develop strategies, and share ideas.

How much are the membership dues?

There is a $100 enrollment fee, with quarterly dues of $50 per quarter per member, paid in advance by automatic credit card debit.

How much are the dues if I join after the beginning of a quarter?

Membership fees are determined as follows: Join in month one, pay $50; join within the 2nd month of the quarter, pay $40 for the balance of the quarter; join within the 3rd month of a quarter, pay $30 for the balance of the quarter. Thereafter billing will be on the standard quarterly cycle.

Can I pay dues annually if I prefer?

Yes, you may make a one-time payment of $300, which includes annual membership and the $100 enrollment fee.

I have consultants who work for me. How many are included in the enrollment and membership fee?

Member benefits are extended to individual members. In multi-consultant practices, each consultant who joins as a member pays quarterly dues, although the enrollment fee will be waived for each additional consultant when all consultants join at the same time. Additional consultants within the practice who join at a later time are subject to the $100 enrollment fee.

Why is there an enrollment fee?

The enrollment fee will be used to support the cost of ongoing programs, paid administrative staff, and other operational expenses.

Is membership limited to specific CRM solutions?

CCRMS is open to any consultant who resells, supports, or delivers training for any small to mid-market CRM solution. A partial list includes Act!, SalesForce, SalesLogix, SageCRM, BCM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Wired Contact, InfusionSoft, SugarCRM, NetSuite, Maximizer, and Goldmine.

Will anyone who wants to join be accepted as a member?

Applicants must provide CRM services or products and submit a completed and signed application to be considered. Applicants who agree to abide by the terms of the application, including the Code of Ethics, and who have not previously been excluded or removed from any certification programs for cause, will be accepted.

Are sales leads a potential member benefit?


How will I get sales leads as a CCRMS member?

The Complete CRM Solution has launched a customer-facing website,

Who determines who receives the leads?

Although details for lead distribution are still in development, the intent is to provide an automated system that fairly distributes web leads generated by web visits and pay-per-click ads.

Who are the CCRMS founding members?

The founding members share the following CRM bona fides among the group: ACT! Certified Consultant, SageCRM Certified Consultant, SalesLogix Business Partner, Sage Certified VAR, ACT! Premier Trainer, Goldmine Partner, and 3rd party product developer. Each has been active as a CRM consultant and business owner for between eight to 17 years. Each is committed to the fundamental principal that a rising tide lifts all boats – that members working cooperatively with other members provides the opportunity for improved knowledge and skills, increased business, and a better work/life balance. All have previously served on boards of directors for other non-profit or not-for-profit associations.

Kevin Chief
Claude Demers
Lindsay Garrison
Gegory Knapp
Alan Lee
Joan O’Connell
Stacy Roach

The current Board of Directors,  their board positions and contact info:

 Member Position Email
 Donna Freedman  President
Danielle Major  Vice President – Education
 Alan Lee  Secretary and Treasurer
 Tom Najemy  Technology
 Dave Worral  Vice President – Sponsors
  open   Education/Membership

After I become a member, how can I get more involved?

Complete CRM Solution is actively looking for positive, experienced, committed and qualified individuals to join the Board of Advisors. Contact any board member with ideas, questions, and recommendations.